McKlein USA Springfield Leather Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case

supergenti serviete piele maro
…demi’Imensitate din piele naturala pentru un volum de informatie asortata interior la 43x33x20cm (fara ca fermoarul sa permita infinitului mic sa se desfasoare informational intr’o mai larga deschidere a descrierii spre un „ceva de vis”!) spre rezervarea de calatorii sau office’ul nu doar de week’end
material: Full Grain Oil-Tanned Leather (supremul folosit in manufacturarea servietelor se numeste „full grain”)
…alt argument: Limited Lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defect (pe teritoriul USA / Canada)
livrare in reteaua Cargus pt 850LEI + curierat!
P.S. McKlein’ul Thailandez vine din placutul infern transoceanic dar American, fara „troler” si patrand descrierea originala, va puteti face o idee
IMPORTANT: servieta se livreaza fara troler!

McKlein USA Springfield Leather Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case -, Brown, One

Measures 17W x 5.25 – 7.25D x 13H inches
Full grained oil tanned leather
Choice of materials and color
High-density laptop compartment fits 17-inch laptops
Soft-sided top-zip briefcase

Travel for business with your laptop, media devices, business documents, and accessories stored inside this professional leather laptop case from McKlein USA. The McKlein USA R Series Springfield Leather Laptop Case is made from full grain oil tanned leather with a removable, high density foam padded laptop compartment that makes it easier to pass through airport security checkpoints and multiple interior compartments for all of your accessories. This case has a front organizer with pockets for your cell phone, keys, pens, business cards, and other small items and includes accordion file dividers for folders and documents. Dual top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap offer versatile, comfortable carrying options. Secure, detachable patent pending Fly-Through Checkpoint-Friendly laptop sleeve design. Laptop sleeve padded with high-density foam fits most laptops 17” in screen size. Adjustable, non-slip, shock absorbing shoulder strap alleviates body strain. Front organizer with storage space for media devices, cell phone, business cards, key holder and pens. Front compartment features 2 small pockets and storage space for files. Smart Zipper Attachment allows transport on extended handles of other rolling cases and luggage

Laptop interior dimensions: 16W x 2D x 10L inches
Handle strap drop length: 4 inches
Shoulder strap drop length: 13 – 20 inches
Weight: 5.0 lbs

About McKleinUSA McKleinUSA is a manufacturer and supplier of business cases, computer cases, catalogue cases, backpacks, luggage, luggage accessories, duffle bags, casual bags, executive writing pads, and custom requests. McKleinUSA is something of a revolutionary in the mobile computing and travel goods industries, with showrooms in the United States, Canada, and Thailand. Working with world-renowned brand names and corporations for over 25 years has provided a significant knowledge base for understanding the demands of the industry.

McKleinUSA has a commitment to provide the best in functionality, value, and quality to the mobile professional. New products are inspired by the demanding needs of today’s business traveler, as tested in the field. Mobile professionals can count on the McKleinUSA brand for their changing needs with a lifetime guarantee on all products.
Measures 17W x 5.25 – 7.25D x 13H inches. Full grained oil tanned leather. Choice of materials and color. High-density laptop compartment fits 17-inch laptops. Soft-sided top-zip briefcase


super serviete genti piele maro



Caut o servieta, o geanta din piele!... Solutia poate fi aici: 0752.071438 sau... vino pe "prima pagina", pt a vedea modelele disponibile. Acceseaza "meniu" daca esti pe telefon; stanga sus!

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